Sunday, August 7, 2011

MONEY the root of all Evil or maybe Happiness??

Haven't you heard your parents or elders say this too often. When you we a kid, or in college, then when you started working. It was always the favoured phrase when you were stuck at the "Office" and not able to attend birthdays, family functions, parties or the likes. They would go on to add that money isn't everything. (yeah, it's only next thing after Oxygen ~quotes my close friend, Karthigesu)

I guess the person who coined this proverb either didn't have much money to start with or was just too afraid to be left behind by other motivated people so he got the rest to also be as ignorant as he was.

Like so many misinformed individuals, I too was brought up to believe that money was indeed the root of all evil. Not any more.

The past couple of years got me to realize that money is merely a vehicle to achieve what you want or desire. In simple terms, "It's what makes the world go around". If the most succesful people in the world have no issues with having money, why should I?

What do most charities ask for? Money. How about a grieving mother that has a baby with a hole in his heart without a dime to spare on the operation? Try giving her the money to fund the operation and I bet you that you will see a smile of gratitude on her face that will outshine the sun. Try going to the supermarket without money and see if they allow you to go home with a full cart. Try starting a family without any money. None of the above will be possible without money.

Don't get me wrong here, money is not everything but it sure is important in our lives. So instead of detesting it, why not learn to embrace it and use it to improve lives. Help the needy. Get the things that you desire. Enjoy life.

I guess, MONEY is the root of all Happiness (When used appropriately)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Honesty amongst the Downtrodden

Travelling along the streets of KL at night showcases the splendor of a modern cosmopolitan with its amazing array of sights and sounds. Nonetheless, no great city is without its shortfalls.
Here’s a story that will give you an insight on those that don’t always have it easy in life.

Kevin, an average executive in his late 20’s was all too familiar with the streets and people of this great city. He kept a schedule of the LRT and busses in his head to ensure that appointments with friends and family were always on-time. He knew the best “Mamak” (Indian-Muslim eateries) and restaurants in town which offered great food at affordable prices. He shopped only when a “Bargain Sale” was on.
A somewhat frugal individual when money is concerned.

In the past months, he had noticed an increase in the number of visually impaired and physically challenged beggars that made their rounds at eateries from as early as 6pm till the wee hours of the night. Most often than not, they would be accompanied by an abled person as a guide and to carry supplies of facial tissues or pocket calendars that will be given to good hearted Samaritans for donations.

Some of them claim to make an honest living by selling facial tissues but does it make sense that a packet of tissue costing below 50cents were sold at $2? It sure did not to Kevin. In his mind, he questioned their efforts in searching for proper jobs instead of living off the kindness of others. He knew for certain that many physically and visually challenge people found jobs in establishments like McDonalds, HSBC and Telekom to name a few. Does an honest disabled entrepreneur truly exist?

Kevin was in for a surprise. It was a Tuesday night and Kevin met an old friend for dinner in Bangsar. This was indeed a long overdue reunion as they last met many years ago while working for the same company. In the excitement of their conversation, a physically disabled man approached Kevin and his friend showing them a wooden IQ puzzle. He also suffered a speech disorder that made it difficult to pronounce certain words but he did not let that stop him from going about selling his IQ puzzles.
Out of pity, Kevin handed him some loose change but to his surprise this man did not accept the donation. He explained that he sells IQ puzzles for a living and does not take donations of any sorts. This startled Kevin at first but moved him to purchase an IQ puzzle from this man.

Kevin’s friend later explained that this man is a regular in Bangsar who makes an honest living by selling puzzles. He had been doing this for many years and does not take advantage of others from his physical disabilities.

Kevin went home that night pleasantly surprised that there are honest people in this day and age. His belief in the power of the human spirit was rekindled and his hope that more will follow suit renewed.

I guess there really is honesty amongst the downtrodden.
What will you do the next time you’re approached?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Positivity - A new look at life.

Is the glass really half empty of half full? I choose to see it half full now.

Being a rather positive individual, life has been rather good. Yes, there have been challenges but without them we would not persevere to greatness. Without failure, there would be no improvements. Without mistakes there would be no learning.

My life has now gone from good to great. I am no longer affected by the petty complaints of disgruntled individuals that sit around fueling non-productive issues who never lift a finger at making improvements. I no longer boil at having to deal with less efficient individuals attached to the service industry. I no longer doubt myself when someone tells me that I'm not good enough.

I knew what had to be done but didn't know how to do it. I knew that things would fall in place somehow or rather. It did!

I met a group of highly charged, positive individuals that were into helping people improve their lives. They help me realize that I already had what it takes to be great in life. I didn't have to learn anything new. All I did was to "Take Action". Best of all, everyone can do it.

I now know that all things happen for a reason, we don't see it immediately but look hard enough and you will find the answer. I realize that there is always a lesson to be learnt from success and especially during failures.
Above all, I've realized that "You cannot change how people feel towards you, but you can control how their actions make you feel".

I'm off to spread the positivity to those around me. How about you?

p/s: If you would like to know more about the group I met and the new skills I've attained, Email me at Knowledge becomes power only when it can be shared.