Sunday, August 7, 2011

MONEY the root of all Evil or maybe Happiness??

Haven't you heard your parents or elders say this too often. When you we a kid, or in college, then when you started working. It was always the favoured phrase when you were stuck at the "Office" and not able to attend birthdays, family functions, parties or the likes. They would go on to add that money isn't everything. (yeah, it's only next thing after Oxygen ~quotes my close friend, Karthigesu)

I guess the person who coined this proverb either didn't have much money to start with or was just too afraid to be left behind by other motivated people so he got the rest to also be as ignorant as he was.

Like so many misinformed individuals, I too was brought up to believe that money was indeed the root of all evil. Not any more.

The past couple of years got me to realize that money is merely a vehicle to achieve what you want or desire. In simple terms, "It's what makes the world go around". If the most succesful people in the world have no issues with having money, why should I?

What do most charities ask for? Money. How about a grieving mother that has a baby with a hole in his heart without a dime to spare on the operation? Try giving her the money to fund the operation and I bet you that you will see a smile of gratitude on her face that will outshine the sun. Try going to the supermarket without money and see if they allow you to go home with a full cart. Try starting a family without any money. None of the above will be possible without money.

Don't get me wrong here, money is not everything but it sure is important in our lives. So instead of detesting it, why not learn to embrace it and use it to improve lives. Help the needy. Get the things that you desire. Enjoy life.

I guess, MONEY is the root of all Happiness (When used appropriately)